Romantic Period(c. 1815–1910 )

The Romantic era was the heyday of the programmatic orchestral work.

Where Classical had been reason, order, and rules while Romantic era music was highly emotional, adventure, and imagination.

The Music forms of this period used music to directly tell a story or express an idea and the expanded on the use of various instruments including wind instruments.

Instruments that were invented or improved upon during this time included the flute and the saxophone.

Opera was very popular during the Romantic era. Also, composer mainly focused on the melodies and themes.

Three great composers of the Viennese school: Franz Joseph Haydn, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and Ludwig van Beethoven. During the same period, the first voice of the burgeoning Romantic musical ethic can be found in the music of Viennese composer Franz Schubert.


Famous Romantic Composers

•Frederic Chopin

•Franz Liszt

•Hector Berlioz

•Johannes Brahms

•Modest Mussorgsky

•Felix Mendelssohn

•Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky

•Richard Wagner

Romantic Music - Classical Music from the Romantic Period


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