Medieval/Middle Ages (c.500- c.1400)

This Medieval Music Timeline shows important events in Medieval music history, such as the beginning of musical notation and polyphony.While music itself was held in high regard, those who made it were not.  This is very different today.

During this time, there were two general types of music styles(the monophonic and the polyphonic). The main forms of music included Gregorian chanting and Plainchant.

Plainchant is a form of church music that has no instrumental accompaniment and only involves chanting or singing. It was Limited in pitch range and monophonic (i.e. composed of a single melody with no accompaniment), plainchant was sung largely by monks, nuns, and clerics rather than by professional singers.

For a period of time, it was the only type of music allowed in Christian churches. Most Medieval composers wrote mainly for the church and remained anonymous. Famous composers include Guillaume de Machaut and Francesco Landini. Most secular musicians had day jobs. Full time musicians were poor.



Background of Medieval Period

Medieval Folk Music - Camelot


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